Although our Church Recording Group will be taking a well earned summer break at the end of June, members will continue to do a certain amount of research during the summer before returning to St Columba’s Church in September.

We have been very lucky in that a new set of bells have been installed since we began our recording. This has meant that great deal of information about them was forthcoming and we have been able to see them without resorting to climbing ladders. Five bells in all have been installed, each with its own name and tone, and can now be heard in the vicinity of the church on Sunday mornings.

The recording of the pulpit falls is nearly finished. Although most of the falls are from a known manufacturer, at least one has been made by a member of the congregation and recently a very attractive new pulpit fall was commissioned which was partly designed by members of the congregation and partly by the manufacturing company. Contacting the company to confirm the materials used and the names of designers and dates of completion of the pieces is just some of the information which we have to ‘tease out’ and which adds interest both to the Record and to the members doing the work.

A Roll of Honour hangs in the church and records 130 names, not only of those who members who died but of any of the Church Members who served in the First World War. Individual’s names, regiments, and any awards are recorded which makes the list particularly interesting. If any of our members know what became of those who served, particularly if these soldiers went on to have unusual lives, the Church Recording Group would be very interested to know and it would add interest to the Record in general.

Etain Haggart – Alexander

May 2017